Makeup For Green Eyes and Light Brown Hair.

Makeup For Green Eyes and Light Brown Hair.


If you have green eyes and light brown hair, it's important to know what kind of makeup to use. It's even more important for those with fair skin tones, who often feel self-conscious about their natural features. If you're looking for an easy way to get an elegant look without spending a fortune on makeup or shopping around for different brands, here are some products that will work for your eyes and face:

1.Fair Skin Tone.

For fair skin, you want to use a light brown, gray or blue-gray eye shadow. A dark brown eyeliner will help define the eyes and make them pop. If you are looking for something more subtle, try using a light brown blush on your cheeks instead of powder blush. You can also wear an ombre lip color that has some pink in it to give off an overall green eye look but still keep it natural looking!

2.Medium Skin Tone.

Medium skin tone:

You can use a light brown or taupe eyeshadow, or a light blue. This gives your green eyes some contrast and makes them look more awake.

  • Use a medium brown eyeliner to draw on a thin line in the inner corner of each eye (a soft line).
  • Apply pink blush along cheeks and forehead with fingers to make it look natural. Add more if needed!
  • Apply pink lip color with gloss for shine, but don't go overboard with glittery shades that may cause irritation on lips after hours of wear time! Try something like MAC's Pink Panther lipstick instead (it's #1 best seller!).

3.Olive Skin Tone.

If you have olive skin and light brown hair, you're going to look great in green eye shadow. Use a neutral lipstick that is matte or satin finish, like MAC's Velvet Teddy Matte Lip Pencil ($15). Then line the entire perimeter of your eyes with black eyeliner to give them that extra pop of color. If you want something more dramatic, try applying some dark shade of shimmery eye shadow on the outer corners of each eye for an intense look—just make sure it's not too heavy for your skin tone!

Here's what to use for your eye shadow and eyeliner if you have green eyes and light brown hair, depending on your skin tone.

You can use a brown or taupe eye shadow, as well as dark brown or black eyeliner to match your skin tone. If you want to add some color, you can use bronzer to give yourself an even tan and then apply the mascara, lipstick and lip liner.


If you have green eyes and light brown hair, it's important to find the right makeup for your skin tone. The right makeup can help make you look more natural and stay out of the spotlight. 

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