Get the perfect TikTok look with these hacks that actually work!

Get the perfect TikTok look with these hacks that actually work!

Get the perfect TikTok look with these hacks that actually work!

No matter how much makeup you pile on, it won’t matter unless your skin looks great! Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your face ready for TikTok stardom!

Make sure you exfoliate at least once per week to keep your skin looking fresh and glowy, and to prevent breakouts. Also, make sure you always clean your brushes after each use to prevent dirt from building up and making acne worse. Lastly, make sure to drink lots of water so that your skin stays hydrated, which will give it a nice radiance!

The 03 Best Tips From a Pro.

Like most people, I use social media to be a little more glamorous than my day-to-day. But unlike most people, I have experience using makeup on other people. That's right—I'm a licensed cosmetologist and licensed nail technician (an all-in-one).

As you can imagine, I've learned quite a bit about how to make others look great. When I'm not at work or college, I'm usually on Instagram looking for new inspiration, so I decided to share my knowledge of beauty hacks everyone can use with everyone. Here are my favorite 10 tips for getting an incredible TikTok look:

i) Use your concealer as eyeshadow primer:

If you're going to wear eyeshadow, put it on before applying concealer. This will help your shadow last longer throughout the day and prevent creasing, which is especially important if you're planning on wearing eye makeup over several days in a row.

Concealer is meant to help cover up blemishes and imperfections, but it works just as well as an eyeshadow primer!

ii) Make sure your foundation matches your neck:

It might seem like an odd tip, but if you want flawless skin without any noticeable foundation lines showing up in photos then it's important that your foundation blends seamlessly into your neckline when applied correctly.

If you're wearing a turtleneck or other clothing that covers your neckline, make sure to apply foundation all along your jaw and ear area as well.

If you're not careful about blending everything together, there will be a very obvious line where your face ends and everything else begins. You can use a brush or sponge to blend everything together for a seamless finish.

iii) Use hair spray on eyelashes before applying mascara:

This is my favorite beauty hack of all time—it makes a huge difference in how long my mascara lasts throughout the day and how much volume I get out of it too!

Use Tinted Moisturizer.

Apply tinted moisturizer before your foundation for an even, dewy glow. The tinted moisturizer will hydrate your skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance your complexion, making you look fresh and youthful.

It will also conceal pores and imperfections to make it appear as if you have naturally flawless skin. Just be sure to choose a color similar to your natural complexion so that it doesn’t end up looking unnatural or clownish on your face.

You can also use a blush of color in place of a bronzer if you want something less dramatic than using foundation.

 Experiment With Hair Color.

Color is a huge part of what makes your personality and style unique. When you're just starting out with your first dye job, it's normal to feel a little nervous, but don't worry—all you need is a little knowledge and some advice from your hairstylist.

If you already know which shade of hair color you want, share it with your stylist. If not, ask them for their expert opinion before walking into any salons.

And if your heart set on going red or blonde but feel like you've missed all major trends, ask about semi-permanent colors like balayage or ombre so that you can have both colors without having to commit to them long term.

 Apply Primer To The Lips.

The next time you're putting on your makeup, apply a layer of primer to your lips. It won't weigh them down or clump up. The color will be long-lasting and bright and you'll be able to press your lips together for extra intensity without worry.

You can even dab a bit on top of lipstick if you need some added shine but don't want to start over from scratch. Simply wait for it to dry then apply lipstick as usual. This works best with sheer colors or ones that have been mixed with gloss.

As far as primers go, any kind will do - just make sure to pick one in a shade close enough to your natural lip color so you aren't left looking like Ronald McDonald.

 Lift Eye Bags & Make Eyelashes Stand Out.

First, you need to tone down your eyelids. Use a concealer or foundation to make them appear less prominent, then top it off with a fluffy brush of powder. This keeps your foundation and concealer in place longer.

 Next, use an eyelash curler and gently squeeze it at the base of your lashes before lifting up to give a more open-eyed effect. Curling your lashes always helps them seem longer and stand out more on camera.

Finally, apply mascara as usual and finish off by applying some eye drops to keep your eyes from watering during filming. It’s important to keep them hydrated so they don’t get irritated from all that blinking!

 Add Volume To Lashes & Roots.

If you’re using a powder foundation and want it to last all day, it’s helpful to keep your powder in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, it can start to collect moisture in humid conditions which will ultimately render your makeup runny and crease-prone.

So if you spend most of your day inside, keep your powder in a drawer or other interior part of your purse rather than in its original packaging. If you don’t have one already, invest in a compact or beauty blender case for on-the-go touchups.

A little goes a long way when it comes to applying powder, so there’s no need to overdo it—especially when you’re trying to make sure your foundation lasts all day.

Keep Your Powder Fresh.

Powder makeup doesn’t hold up as well over time as liquid foundation, because it’s drier. To keep it fresh, use an eyeshadow brush to dust off excess powder before each use.

That way you can simply dip into your existing supply rather than adding more product every time you use it. It’ll help extend its shelf life too so you won’t have to make frequent purchases of new items. You’ll also save money in doing so!

Cut Down On Applying Blush.

First, you’ll need a contour kit. Contouring is all about adding definition to your face shape, so if you want to see an example of how it looks without contouring and what it might do for you, check out our other post on How to Make Yourself Look Thinner on Social Media .

When purchasing a contour kit, make sure to purchase one made specifically for your skin tone. In some cases there are two different colors in one palette. The lighter color should be applied first, then a darker shade can be layered on top.

 Don’t Forget The Base.

A simple way to ensure you don’t miss a spot when applying your makeup is to apply a base before any other cosmetics. The base acts as an undercoat for your overall makeup look and provides an even surface on which to apply foundation, blusher or concealer. You can use a tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation or tinted powder in order to get that base effect.

Tinted moisturizers come in multiple shades while both foundations and powders are available in different colors—and you can use them both around your eyes and on certain areas of your face like blemishes if you want. Powder is great for adding a matte finish, making it ideal for oily skin, while oil-free versions prevent shine and feel light on dry skin.

Don’t Forget About Lip Liner.

Lip liner is often ignored because it’s not part of most people’s daily makeup routine. But it shouldn’t be: a little lip liner can go a long way in making your lips appear smoother and fuller while also giving you an additional dose of color, which helps to round out your overall appearance.

Lip liner is also useful for filling in your lip shape before applying lipstick or gloss, ensuring that you avoid streaks on your face. It can even make a tube of lipstick last longer, as you won’t need to use as much each time you apply it.

This is How You Do Contouring On TikTok.

What many people don’t realize is that you can use other colors to enhance or complement a particular color in your face. You could, for example, use pinky-beige colors to offset your purple eyes. Or maybe yellow and orange to bring out an existing yellow element in your eye makeup.

To truly master contouring on TikTok, it’s important to understand how colors interact with each other; what will contrast well against one color might not work as well against another. When you get used to experimenting, your contouring skills will improve leaps and bounds (to be quite honest).

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