Should You Dye Your Bleached Hair With a Boxed Blonde Dye?

Should You Dye Your Bleached Hair With a Boxed Blonde Dye

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Bleached hair is already fragile and using high lifting blond boxed dyes will further damage your hair and cause them to break.

If you want lighter hair you should try the following 3 steps in order to achieve blonde hair instead of simply dying it with boxed dye products . First, condition your hair using either an after-bleach conditioner or a regular conditioner by letting it sit on your scalp for about 15 minutes or so.

What Is it About Blondes?

blondes don't really exist. The term simply refers to hair that has been bleached white-blonde. This color is achieved by applying a strong chemical solution to your locks. When it's applied correctly, you won't be able to detect any yellow or green tones in your hair after you dye them (otherwise known as brassiness).

As for how much damage it does, it depends on whether or not you have already had bleach applied to your hair before or not and what chemicals are in those dyes.

Can You Dye Over Bleach.

Yes, you can dye over bleach if your hair isn’t recently stripped. If your hair is naturally blonde or light brown, or you have highlights or lowlights, using just one box of color will probably do the trick.

However, if you have super dark hair with no natural red tones and you want to go platinum blonde, you might need two boxes to get there.

How Old Should Your Bleach Be Before Dying It.

The best way to avoid putting dye on damaged hair is to make sure you don’t use bleach on your hair too often. Using it too frequently will strip away color, making it hard for any boxed dye to take hold.

What Kind Of Blonde Box Color Should I Buy.

If you want to go all-out and do some really fun stuff with your hair, I would recommend using an ash blonde color. 

It’s a great middle ground between an ash brown and an intense platinum blonde. If you just want lighter hair, then use whatever color is closest to your natural tone.

Tips For at Home Hair Coloring.

Before you commit to dyeing your hair at home, it’s important to know what can go wrong. It’s very easy to screw up, so ask yourself: Do I want to potentially ruin my hair and have to grow it out for months? If not, here are some tips on how not to mess up at home hair coloring.

Putting Blonde Dye On Bleached Hair.

Yes, you can dye bleached hair with box dyes! However, it is recommended that you dye with darker colors first, then moving on to lighter colors.

If you are putting blonde dye on bleached hair make sure that your hair isn't too porous and damaged as it could further damage your hair and make it more fragile. Always read directions before applying any color onto your hair.

It is best to keep away from high lifting blond boxed dyes as they will cause even more damage to your locks. If you want light colored hair try using ash blonde instead of platinum blonde or golden blonde instead of golden yellow.

Can i Use Black Box Dye On Bleached Hair.

No, do not use black box dye on bleached hair. Because you already have blonde hair, all you will be doing is darkening your hair color slightly. However, if your bleached hair is damaged, it’s better to err on the side of caution and visit a professional to prevent more damage from happening.

It would be best for you to find an at-home option instead of risking your bleached locks. The most important thing to consider when using box dye on lightened hair is knowing what your base level of lift is first before coloring – which can be determined by pre-lightening or testing with color strips.

Putting ash Blonde Over Bleached Hair.

Putting platinum hair dye on bleached hair will likely cause further damage to your locks. Platinum blonde is very light and it may end up looking dull or brassy if your hair is extremely damaged. If you’re considering getting all-over bleach, then perhaps going to a salon would be best; they have better products and more training than what you can find at most drugstores.

However, if you’re going for subtle lighter highlights, then yes – it’s safe to use platinum box dye on bleached hair. The tint should still show up nicely against your pale base! And even if it doesn’t, at least there won’t be any further damage done.

Golden Blonde Hair Dye On Bleached Hair.

If you’re looking to lighten your hair but don’t want to completely bleach out your natural hair color, consider adding in golden blonde highlights. This is an easy way to lighten up without stripping all of your hair color away. 

Golden blonde is also a popular choice among those who want dark brown or black locks. Ash blonde is less intense than both platinum and golden blonde—perfect for those who like their color subtle and not too brassy or bright.

Putting Blonde Hair Dye On Highlights.

If you’re looking to add blonde highlights to your hair, it’s best to let your current highlights grow out and make sure they’re not stripped of their natural pigment.

 Putting blonde dye on bleached hair will cause them to fall out quickly, which means your actual goal—adding more blonde—will be met too late!

 When you get a professional trim or haircut, ask your stylist if they can add in some blonde highlights while they work; you might need to come back in several weeks for that color process but it will be well worth it.

Blonde Box Dye On Blonde Hair.

Many hairstylists advise against it. I never recommend putting blonde dye on your bleached hair, even if you have dark roots, says Kim Vo, a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles. It weakens your hair and will make it more prone to breaking.

Joanna Schlip, owner of New York City-based color bar Color Bespoke and Wellness Studio, agrees that box dyes are damaging—but that doesn't mean they're out of bounds for those with bleached hair. It really depends on what type of bleach you use, she says.

Can I Use Garnier Nutrisse On Bleached Hair.

Some dyes can damage your hair if you put them on bleached hair. However, Nutrisse is designed to be gentle on delicate hair. If you want, however, there are ways to use Nutrisse on bleached hair that won't hurt it. 

First of all, you should only use Nutrisse Ultra Color (either light or dark brown) because these boxes have less hydrogen peroxide than other colors in their line. Using more hydrogen peroxide means using more bleach and thus putting more stress on your follicles. 

Just remember that you don't need to put all of it on at once; just start by applying it around your face with an applicator bottle and then work up from there as needed.

Can You Put Platinum Hair Dye On Bleached Hair.

So, you've already got blonde hair, but you want it to be lighter or brighter. Can you go straight to a box dye like Nutrisse Ultra Light Ash Blonde and just put it on? No.

It's not that simple. The first thing to consider is if your current color was done professionally at a salon or if it was done yourself with some boxed dye.

It doesn't matter what brand of boxed dye you use—if you put something too light over bleached hair, there's going to be significant damage to your hair shafts and potentially some serious breakage of individual strands.

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